5 tips so that money does not ruin your relationship

Image result for relationshipRelationships are not always rosy, especially when the period of falling in love has passed and the relationship progresses. Sharing the same room, adjusting schedules to be able to coexist, change habits, exchange opinions and fight for hours to show that our point of view is correct, are some of the obstacles that we have all faced.

However, one of the biggest challenges is or will be money. That’s right, many think it sounds exaggerated, but several relationships have ended in this cause. When money is not enough and pressures and debts begin to emerge, personal peace is over and our stress level rises, which contributes to an increase in arguments and problems.

Many of these problems are because of who contributes more and who contributes less, or when someone in the relationship generates more money than the other, or if someone loses a job and there is no agreement on what to do, or who forgets to pay the states of account and services, etc.

Although they say that love and money are not a good combination, in our society we have to learn to harmonize them so that our relationships work. Therefore, we present you with 5 financial tips that will help you to keep the love with your partner without the money becoming a constant annoyance:

1. Have good communicationImage result for communication

The most thorny issues that exist are sex and money. However, trust and good communication are essential in a relationship to understand the habits, tastes and goals of our life partner. If you do not talk about money with your partner, they will not be able to agree to acquire goods or achieve goals together. Ironically, in divorces, the issue of money is often the biggest complication.

That’s why, before making financial decisions with your partner, you know your spending habits, your consumption patterns and your future financial goals. It is functional to make a plan together and create a budget that covers the expenses they share. Make clear what you think and want so that misunderstandings do not arise.

2. Keep finances separate

Having a relationship does not mean that the money that both earn goes directly to the relationship and belongs to both. It is necessary to go calmly, maybe in the not too distant future you can share a bank account, but it will always be necessary for each person to have their own money. That does not mean they can not support each other when difficult times come up.

3. Not making a large investment before age 30Image result for house investment

Many couples make the mistake of investing or acquiring, together, a car or an apartment before age 30. The first reason why this is not recommended is because during the twenties most people tend to have several partners and experience what they want in life, so it is likely that the relationship may end and have to deal with legal problems of your investment as a whole.

The second reason is that many of us do not even have investments or acquisitions individually, which would make it difficult to manage them correctly, and problems that may arise could put your relationship on the line. It is advisable that you first make investments on your own and learn how to manage them without obtaining catastrophic results.

On the other hand, if both are good savers, it is advisable that they begin to invest together in instruments that are more secure, such as government cetes or investment funds, this will benefit them if in the future they want to buy a house or invest in something bigger. .

4. Control expenses

The expenses that are in a relationship are more difficult to control than those that are individually, this because we get carried away by emotions and seek immediate satisfaction with our partner. Not in vain exists on February 14.

Maybe in the relationship there is someone who spends more than the other, or both spend a lot, someone spends more on food and someone spent more on entertainment, etc. In any case it is necessary to resolve bad habits, because in the long run they can bring serious consequences. Making a budget and keeping track of our expenses is the best option to identify unnecessary consumption.

5. Divide the financial task

Image result for divide tasksTake advantage of your strengths. If within the relationship there is someone who likes to be more orderly and thrifty, that person can take care of the budget and come to their senses when compulsive impulses to buy appear. Meanwhile, the other person can take care of paying on time the account statements and services, or make day-to-day purchases.

Currently there are several free tools on the Internet that can help maintain a healthy couple’s finances and prevent money from being a headache in the relationship. Finerio is a personal finance platform that can help.

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