Meet and take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday without suffering your pocket

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This week comes two of the major phenomena of global purchasing, Black Friday , this year on November 27, and Cyber ​​Monday , Monday 30. Born in the United States, have spread worldwide and not only that, They have also expanded over time, with offers that start a few days before, especially in the online business.

Where do these concepts that are prevailing in Spain come from?


Black Friday is the day that inaugurates the holiday shopping season in the United States and coincides with the day after Thanksgiving . As this is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, this first day is always a Friday at the end of the month, about four weeks before Christmas. But calling this shopping day ” Black Friday ” does not seem very attractive, although it has an easy explanation. The nickname “Black Friday” was put by the police, specifically the one in Philadelphia, for the amount of cars and people that collapsed the city on that day. As an unplanned custom, taking advantage of the day after Thanksgiving to go shopping, a phenomenon was created that makes use of all kinds of stores offering discounts and significant discounts on a wide variety of products.

As a continuation of this sales phenomenon is the most recent Cyber ​​Monday , in fact, this year celebrates 10 years of life. Although many online stores create special offers for Black Friday, they have a special sales day, and it is this “cyber Monday”, three days after this.

Financial advice: How to make the most of it without causing financial problems

Financial advice: How to make the most of it without causing financial problems

Both concepts are imposed every year with more force in Spain and are advancing the classic moment of beginning of purchases, which traditionally usually occurs between the holidays of December 6 and 8. Their offers, increasingly aggressive, are the main reason for this success, but as with the classic periods of discounts, with risks, which are somewhat higher if we consider that it precedes the period of greatest spending for most of the families

Therefore, following a series of tips will help us on the one hand, to take better advantage of these offers and on the other, so that this does not imply a significant hole in our pocket:

  1. Analyze the offers: Take some time before buying, it’s worth it. Check what the different establishments offer and write down what you are interested in.
  2. Compare prices: Not only between establishments, but also with the theoretical initial price of the product to know if in fact the percentage they advertise is true and worth the purchase.
  3. It establishes a spending limit: Putting a limit on spending, according to our income and the rest of the current and extraordinary expenses that we will have in these holidays, without exceeding it, is strictly necessary to avoid that our family budget is affected.
  4. Prioritize: On the list of offers that you have prepared previously and taking into account the existence of this top-up expense, prioritize and start buying what you need most and leave for the end the most unnecessary or unnecessary.
  5. Check the conditions of the establishment and product: Especially because many of the purchases will not be for us, but will be gifts for Christmas Day or Kings. What happens if I buy a gift on November 27 for January 6 and only have 30 days for the return? Who pays the expenses of reimbursement of the product? Do I get my money back or do I get a voucher? These and many other questions we must ask ourselves analyzing the conditions of purchase before making the purchase to avoid major problems.
  6. Beware of financing purchases: Especially with a credit card, a convenient way to buy but not without risks. If we finance or split the purchase, we must do it in the shortest possible time to incur lower interest expenses. Plan and save for these days with products such as the CuenTAEgon savings insurance allow us to enjoy these holidays and their purchases in incurring more additional expenses.


What if we buy physically? How should we better plan our shopping day?

But in addition to protecting our pocket, we also have to prepare for what a whole shopping marathon entails. Therefore, although having excellent health insurance such as those offered by Aegon is a great guarantee, what better than to prevent any health problem. These tips will help:  

  1. Plan to what stores you will go : Do not do a marathon, choose those that are accessible, that clump together in a certain area and do not try to cover everything, especially when in these days traffic and public transport options are more collapsed.
  1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes : Walking or not, you will spend a lot of time standing up, trying that the fatigue has the minor consequences.
  1. Abrígate: The cold and the changes of temperature are a maximum these days, you have to minimize the risks with the right clothes.
  1. Rest and eat : Replenishing forces in a marathon shopping day is more than necessary. Do not sacrifice this time to buy more.
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Image result for executive companyIt is obvious that the world we live in changes at vertigo speed. Products and services become obsolete in a record period of time. There does not seem to be anything stable or lasting. The concepts of space and time that they taught us no longer exist.

Like it or not, this model of change affects all sectors of activity.

For the owners and executives of the companies, this model of change generates a deep uneasiness. We have to be aware of the “new world” where we live and be able to anticipate the future needs of society.
We have to reinvent our business every day and be transgressors in our ideas and developments.

The keys to developing our businesses in the new reality are:

Smart R & D + i
Management structures based on leadership and talent models.

Next Monday, November 17th at 12:00 noon, Zaragoza will be presented at the headquarters of CREA “GENERACIÓN COMPETYO” An initiative promoted by CREA, INDICO and UNIVERSA with which GRUPO INBIOTIC-ESMEDAGRO actively collaborates and participates. program of the opening day of the Program-competyo

GENERACIÓN COMPETYO wants to provide us with the keys to the intelligent R + D + i that we need for the development of our businesses in the reality in which we live

GENERACIÓN COMPETYO aims to put in contact the generations of university students between 24 and 45 years old who are the driving force of innovation in the Aragonese companies.

GENERACIÓN COMPETYO is committed to training this highly qualified human potential with the INNOVATION KNOWLEDGE MANAGER IN THE COMPANY course that will provide the keys to know the R & D & I environment and provide the keys for the creation of innovation systems within the companies.

The bet of GENERACIÓN COMPETYO is also the active interrelation between all these generations of scientific-technical personnel.


From our company we actively collaborate with GENERACIÓN COMPETYO and we bet on your SUCCESS.


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