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Related imageHow many times has it happened to you that you are about to close the month and need money, then go to the cashier, thinking that you still have enough money for the remaining days and you are surprised to see that you have much less. Do not worry, you are not the only one who happens, in fact to most people the fortnight lasts two days less than they should last.

But this does not mean that it is impossible, in fact it is just a matter of good organization and of wanting to do it. For this reason we present 10 tips for you to arrive at the end of the month without worrying about others.

1. Dates and quantities

We all have in mind the day of payment, but seldom the day of cutting other services. However, it is very necessary to know them because you can distribute them so that you do not pay all of them on the same dates and lose half of your salary in those days.

2. Plan

If you do not make a plan, you will not get it or you will give up in a short time. It establishes objectives, can be monthly or biweekly. It can be how to save money on coffee, not go for dessert, take lunch to work, etc. You can use F inerio to create a custom quote. Finerio links your bank accounts to read your financial information and automatically categorize your expenses and keep a complete record. The only thing that you will have to manually write down is the cash expenses.Image result for mobile app

3. Order

If you can have the banking institution’s app it’s better, so you’ll know exactly how much money you have at each moment. If you have different bank accounts in different banks F inerio is an excellent option because you can have an overview of your finances from one place.

4. Avoid ant spending

Those expenses that sometimes are insignificant are, in many cases, the ones that hurt our pocket the most. Do not hesitate to save on those small expenses and thus convert them into “ant savings”.

5. Divide into three parts

Once you know what your fixed expenses are, the variables and savings, divide those amounts, so that you are subject only spend what you have contemplated in each of those items. With F inerio check your budgets daily and set limits if you see that you are already spending in some category. Example: you spend only 1000 pesos in restaurants per month, and when you check your budget you realize that you already spent 800 pesos. Having budgets is easier to identify unnecessary expenses.

6. Consider unforeseen

You are not a fortune-teller, we know it, but it is better to prevent. Always consider a part of your expenses to contingencies, you can put it in the item of variable expenses and if nothing happens during the month, send that part to your savings.

7. Be punctual in your payments

Avoid delinquencies in your credits, remember that this only leads you to have more problems and spend more money monthly.

8. Informed purchasesImage result for verified

When you go to buy something you need always inform yourself correctly, remember that not always the most expensive is the best or that necessarily fits your needs. Take advantage of offers and save a little.

9. Be constant

It will not help you to make all this effort for a month and then forget it, you must be constant so that it has a real reflection in your personal finances, if you follow it literally, you will see how at the end of the year you will have money for whatever you want .

10. Put your money to work or kill your expensive debts

If one of your strong expenses is to pay your different credits, unify your debts, Doopla is the option to do so because it offers much more affordable rates than those of traditional institutions.
If you have extra money, put it to work by lending on the platform and thus obtaining yields much higher than those of the market.

We hope that these tips are very useful and that you no longer suffer at the end of the month because it does not reach you.

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