Bi-monthly payments versus monthly payments | Loans Quebec

Image result for vsConsumers who opt for bi-monthly payments tend to believe that it would allow them to pay back the mortgage faster. However, this is not the ideal solution. Bi-monthly payments seem very interesting, but this option is not without risk. In fact, there are other, less expensive ways to pay for your home.

Typical mortgage payments

Typical mortgage payments are accompanied by a monthly payment, which equates to 12 payments per year. If the consumer opts for a 30-year mortgage, he will need 360 payments to repay the loan in full.

Mortgage payments are divided into two parts: one for the amount and one for the interest. The portion for the amount goes to repay the total amount of the loan while the other part is used to repay the interest. Once the loan expires, the balance between the main part and the interest changes. During the beginning of the mortgage, the interest is much greater. It is for this reason that after 5 years of payments, the principal amount has hardly been repaid.

Bi-monthly payments do not necessarily imply less interest

Bi-monthly payments (twice a month) will not allow you to change the amortization schedule, despite the 24 annual payments. Technically, you can not make 24 payments a year for the 24th amount to be used to repay the principal amount. The bi-monthly payments will, however, allow you to shorten the term of the mortgage by several years. Yes, bi-monthly payments work, but you’ll want to avoid them for several reasons.

  • Bi-monthly payments offer better results;
  • Bi-monthly payments are not required

The same results can be obtained with regular monthly payments by adding to the amount paid 1/12 of the principal amount. Thus, you will achieve the same results as with bi-monthly payments, but with only one payment per month. In addition, if you do not pay the additional 1/12, your loan will not be affected.

Extra payments are not the only option

For example, when mortgage rates are low, it may be more profitable to take a new loan. Additional payments can speed up the repayment, but they will not accelerate it as fast as refinancing without termination costs. If the consumer opts for this option, he can use his monthly savings to repay the loan and the duration of the mortgage will only decrease.

When creditors present different repayment options, be sure to do a search before. Some options may seem advantageous on paper, but these are not the only options available on the market. Get out of the way and do some research before you commit. Different strategies are available to you and they will work differently for each person.

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How to save for the first deposit? | Loans Quebec

How to start?

Image result for how to start First, before you start saving you need to find out how much you could potentially borrow. A mortgage calculator is helpful in determining this amount. Remember, mortgage payments should not exceed 30% of your monthly income. Once you determine the total value of the mortgage, you can determine the amount of the first deposit and the duration of the payments. For example, a first 5% deposit when buying a $ 300,000 home would be the equivalent of $ 15,000 or more. If you extend the savings over a few years, it’s about $ 3,500 a year for 4 or 5 years, which means between $ 250 and $ 310 a month. This may seem daunting, but rest assured, there are several ways to facilitate the savings process.

The larger the initial deposit, the lower the monthly payments will be!

When you make a first significant deposit, the benefits are many. Monthly payments and interest on these payments will be less. Also, a first deposit of 20% could even save the owner from paying the insurance on the loan, which could in some cases represent 1 to 3% of the total amount. For those who can not make a deposit of 20%, expect to pay a higher monthly interest.

Budget forecasts

Driving and respecting your budget will be the key to success in order to save for a first deposit. Sometimes, if possible, having multiple jobs is also a solution. There are two advantages to having multiple jobs: incomes increase while expenses decrease because you have less free time. Finally, selling unnecessary items could also bring you income.

Also, you should monitor your daily expenses. A daily coffee is $ 60 at the end of the month. Taking his luch in town would be $ 100-200 a month. Also, take public transportation, which will save you money on gas and repairs. In addition, when you shop, buy products that are special. If you rent an apartment, it might be better to move to a cheaper apartment or, at least, to have a roommate. Do not forget about tax revenues too.

There are many ways to increase your income, but you must be rigorous. For example, keep detailed monitoring of all your expenses. Afterwards, it’s up to you to see where you can cut.

Improve your savings

Image result for savings

Now that you have established the sources of savings, it is time to improve them. For example, you can earn interest on your savings if you invest in a TFSA, a guaranteed certificate, and so on. Also, as the first buyer, you benefit from a large number of government grants such as the First-Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit (HICP). This tax credit allows you to withdraw up to $ 25,000 a year from your RRSP. However, this amount will have to be repaid in the next 15 years.

As well, you could benefit from a large number of provincial and municipal grants, including the purchase of homes with responsible energy consumption .

The first deposit can be a much more enjoyable experience if you stick to the plan you set. If, ultimately, you want to own your own home, discipline and rigor are absolutely necessary.

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10 tips for not making ends meet with empty wallet – Finerio | Personal finance blog

Related imageHow many times has it happened to you that you are about to close the month and need money, then go to the cashier, thinking that you still have enough money for the remaining days and you are surprised to see that you have much less. Do not worry, you are not the only one who happens, in fact to most people the fortnight lasts two days less than they should last.

But this does not mean that it is impossible, in fact it is just a matter of good organization and of wanting to do it. For this reason we present 10 tips for you to arrive at the end of the month without worrying about others.

1. Dates and quantities

We all have in mind the day of payment, but seldom the day of cutting other services. However, it is very necessary to know them because you can distribute them so that you do not pay all of them on the same dates and lose half of your salary in those days.

2. Plan

If you do not make a plan, you will not get it or you will give up in a short time. It establishes objectives, can be monthly or biweekly. It can be how to save money on coffee, not go for dessert, take lunch to work, etc. You can use F inerio to create a custom quote. Finerio links your bank accounts to read your financial information and automatically categorize your expenses and keep a complete record. The only thing that you will have to manually write down is the cash expenses.Image result for mobile app

3. Order

If you can have the banking institution’s app it’s better, so you’ll know exactly how much money you have at each moment. If you have different bank accounts in different banks F inerio is an excellent option because you can have an overview of your finances from one place.

4. Avoid ant spending

Those expenses that sometimes are insignificant are, in many cases, the ones that hurt our pocket the most. Do not hesitate to save on those small expenses and thus convert them into “ant savings”.

5. Divide into three parts

Once you know what your fixed expenses are, the variables and savings, divide those amounts, so that you are subject only spend what you have contemplated in each of those items. With F inerio check your budgets daily and set limits if you see that you are already spending in some category. Example: you spend only 1000 pesos in restaurants per month, and when you check your budget you realize that you already spent 800 pesos. Having budgets is easier to identify unnecessary expenses.

6. Consider unforeseen

You are not a fortune-teller, we know it, but it is better to prevent. Always consider a part of your expenses to contingencies, you can put it in the item of variable expenses and if nothing happens during the month, send that part to your savings.

7. Be punctual in your payments

Avoid delinquencies in your credits, remember that this only leads you to have more problems and spend more money monthly.

8. Informed purchasesImage result for verified

When you go to buy something you need always inform yourself correctly, remember that not always the most expensive is the best or that necessarily fits your needs. Take advantage of offers and save a little.

9. Be constant

It will not help you to make all this effort for a month and then forget it, you must be constant so that it has a real reflection in your personal finances, if you follow it literally, you will see how at the end of the year you will have money for whatever you want .

10. Put your money to work or kill your expensive debts

If one of your strong expenses is to pay your different credits, unify your debts, Doopla is the option to do so because it offers much more affordable rates than those of traditional institutions.
If you have extra money, put it to work by lending on the platform and thus obtaining yields much higher than those of the market.

We hope that these tips are very useful and that you no longer suffer at the end of the month because it does not reach you.

Related image

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Loans after bankruptcy | Loans Quebec

Image result for bankruptcyOne of the problems when one declares bankruptcy is to know if one will be able to borrow in the future. People often hesitate to declare bankruptcy, even when it is their best option , for fear of not being able to borrow. Even if immediately after the bankruptcy the creditors are less inclined to lend money, in the end, they lenders prefer the people who declared bankruptcy because it shows a desire to improve the situation.

Why would a creditor lend money to someone who has declared bankruptcy before? For 3 reasons mainly. First, the creditor’s ability to offer better terms. Second, the lack of debt following bankruptcy. Third, the best financial management of people who have declared bankruptcy.

Get more favorable terms

Creditors make more money when they are able to charge you more interest. In fact, many credit companies make more money with interest rates than with profits on their merchandise. People in bankruptcy are often unable to demand advantageous terms, unlike people with an excellent credit history. Even if the debtor demonstrates better management of their portfolio, the creditor will still charge a higher interest rate.

Do not have debts

Some people who become insolvent are able to cancel all their debts, although this is not the case for everyone. The ability of the person to repay his debt and the amount of the debt will play a role in the cancellation of the debt or its maintenance. In any case, the monthly payments for people who have declared bankruptcy in the last five years are much less than pre-bankruptcy payments. Why ? Because the creditor is more likely to receive his payments on time, now that he is not competing with other creditors. Creditors prefer to have business with people who have gone bankrupt because the chances of being repaid are greater.

Learn from your mistakes

Image result for learn from mistakes

Although some people go bankrupt and learn little, there are others who learn from their mistakes. For example, in the United States, the main reason for bankruptcy is medical debt. Subsequently, these people, or few of them, will fall into the same trap of medical debt. Others will learn how to better manage their budget and will even seek advice from specialists. These examples show that people who declare bankruptcy improve their financial management, which is a positive factor for them as both debtors and creditors.

In conclusion, creditors encourage post-bankrupt debtors to apply for loans. In fact, a debtor in this situation is even seen as the perfect candidate for a loan under $ 5,000. For more information, please contact a representative of Prêts Québec.

Interested in learning more about personal bankruptcy? Click here

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5 tips so that money does not ruin your relationship

Image result for relationshipRelationships are not always rosy, especially when the period of falling in love has passed and the relationship progresses. Sharing the same room, adjusting schedules to be able to coexist, change habits, exchange opinions and fight for hours to show that our point of view is correct, are some of the obstacles that we have all faced.

However, one of the biggest challenges is or will be money. That’s right, many think it sounds exaggerated, but several relationships have ended in this cause. When money is not enough and pressures and debts begin to emerge, personal peace is over and our stress level rises, which contributes to an increase in arguments and problems.

Many of these problems are because of who contributes more and who contributes less, or when someone in the relationship generates more money than the other, or if someone loses a job and there is no agreement on what to do, or who forgets to pay the states of account and services, etc.

Although they say that love and money are not a good combination, in our society we have to learn to harmonize them so that our relationships work. Therefore, we present you with 5 financial tips that will help you to keep the love with your partner without the money becoming a constant annoyance:

1. Have good communicationImage result for communication

The most thorny issues that exist are sex and money. However, trust and good communication are essential in a relationship to understand the habits, tastes and goals of our life partner. If you do not talk about money with your partner, they will not be able to agree to acquire goods or achieve goals together. Ironically, in divorces, the issue of money is often the biggest complication.

That’s why, before making financial decisions with your partner, you know your spending habits, your consumption patterns and your future financial goals. It is functional to make a plan together and create a budget that covers the expenses they share. Make clear what you think and want so that misunderstandings do not arise.

2. Keep finances separate

Having a relationship does not mean that the money that both earn goes directly to the relationship and belongs to both. It is necessary to go calmly, maybe in the not too distant future you can share a bank account, but it will always be necessary for each person to have their own money. That does not mean they can not support each other when difficult times come up.

3. Not making a large investment before age 30Image result for house investment

Many couples make the mistake of investing or acquiring, together, a car or an apartment before age 30. The first reason why this is not recommended is because during the twenties most people tend to have several partners and experience what they want in life, so it is likely that the relationship may end and have to deal with legal problems of your investment as a whole.

The second reason is that many of us do not even have investments or acquisitions individually, which would make it difficult to manage them correctly, and problems that may arise could put your relationship on the line. It is advisable that you first make investments on your own and learn how to manage them without obtaining catastrophic results.

On the other hand, if both are good savers, it is advisable that they begin to invest together in instruments that are more secure, such as government cetes or investment funds, this will benefit them if in the future they want to buy a house or invest in something bigger. .

4. Control expenses

The expenses that are in a relationship are more difficult to control than those that are individually, this because we get carried away by emotions and seek immediate satisfaction with our partner. Not in vain exists on February 14.

Maybe in the relationship there is someone who spends more than the other, or both spend a lot, someone spends more on food and someone spent more on entertainment, etc. In any case it is necessary to resolve bad habits, because in the long run they can bring serious consequences. Making a budget and keeping track of our expenses is the best option to identify unnecessary consumption.

5. Divide the financial task

Image result for divide tasksTake advantage of your strengths. If within the relationship there is someone who likes to be more orderly and thrifty, that person can take care of the budget and come to their senses when compulsive impulses to buy appear. Meanwhile, the other person can take care of paying on time the account statements and services, or make day-to-day purchases.

Currently there are several free tools on the Internet that can help maintain a healthy couple’s finances and prevent money from being a headache in the relationship. Finerio is a personal finance platform that can help.

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Everything you need to know about the IMSS pension types

Image result for imss pensionThere comes a time in life where it is time to retire, after a long career it is time to rest and enjoy the retreat, but how can I do it? I need to work to generate money and if I stop doing it I will be left without my livelihood.

Well for that there are the IMSS pensions. These pensions are granted to workers who have reached a certain age and can no longer work, but not only that, they are also granted in the case of work accidents that incapacitates the worker to continue with their employment.

Also when the worker develops an illness caused in some way by exercising his profession. Or in the event of the death of the worker, it is granted to his family.

Pensions are benefits that are designed to take care of the economic well-being of workers and their families. And these are given to workers who work in places that are affiliated with Social Security, which by law are all.

In order to qualify for them, certain requirements have to be met, depending on the type of pension, some are for old age and others for accidents that may have occurred while carrying out the work. But all have a common goal, to provide an economic remuneration for the benefit of workers.

Pensions are benefits provided by social insurance in case the worker can no longer perform their duties and are law.

With them the employees can have a financial support to cover their needs and not have the worry that they can continue to receive a salary.

This is very good since many times things happen that prevent the follow-up of the work, or simply that the worker has reached an age in which his performance may not be the same and it is time for the labor retirement to take place.

The objective of this article is to explain which types of pensions are granted by the IMSS, how to qualify them and what are the advantages they could have in the life of a worker.

In the case of accidents is unfortunate, but the good thing is that you are not alone or you are left homeless, pensions will help you to get ahead.

It is also important to mention that the type of pension varies according to the moment in which the worker began to be listed in the Social Security, there was a change in the Law and in the requirements to apply for the pension, which came when the Social Security Law current was the 1973 have a different model of pension to those who began to quote when the Social Security Act of 1997, these changes affect especially the IMSS pension for unemployment at advanced age or old age.

The other types of pension continue to function in the same way, under the statutes of the Social Security Act of 1973.

The pensions granted by the IMSS are the following:

Image result for imss pension

– IMSS tension due to unemployment in old age or old age.

This can be considered as the pension that allows retirement or retirement. The main requirement is that the worker has reached a certain age, which can range from 60 to 65 years. This type of pension is subdivided into workers who began to contribute under the mantle of the 1972 IMSS Law and what is now under the current Law of 1997.

In this pension there are two items in which you can qualify.

1. Unemployment in advanced age, which is when the insured is deprived of paid work as of sixty years of age.

2. Old age, which is when the insured is deprived of paid work as of sixty-five years of age.

Below we present a comparative table that explains the operation and characteristics of the two.

Social Security Act of 1973

Social Security Act of 1997

The pension is integrated based on the listed weeks, SBC of the last 5 years and the age of the insured.


In the case of the Unemployment pension in advanced age, the percentages that determine the amount of the pension are:


Age-Percentage of pension amount







Pension for old age integrates the following percentages


Age-Percentage of pension amount


ON Pensi is supported by the Retirement Funds Administrators (Afores) or a previously selected Aseguradora and rights will have to choose between two options:




It is the contract agreed between an insurer and the applicant, where the amount of the monthly installment is determined in life form.

These payments will be adjusted to n y ear with a acurdo not of NCPI.


For the calculation of the amount c to the amount previously derived Survivorship Insurance is deducted in favor of the beneficiaries. The survival insurance is used to grant a pension to the beneficiaries of the worker in case of death.


Programmed Withdrawal


In this modality, the funds are not transferred to an insurer and remain the property of the person   under the administration of the Afore.


Came calculation for programmed retirement in the first instance be covered payment   Survival insurance for economic dependents, subsequently   c calculation of the amount to annual withdrawal is made, with the same equivalent to the amount resulting from dividing the account balance between unifying factor annuity. The monthly payment corresponds to the twelfth part of the annual retirement.


In the programmed withdrawal, the sums or amounts of the sub-account are updated based on the yield generated during the period minus the commission that the Afore pays.

You can apply for a three-month pension with no interest rate.

There are no loans.

You must have a minimum of 500 weeks of IMSS contribution.

From 1250 weeks of IMSS quote

The bonus is equivalent to one month of pension.

There is no bonus.

In case of death, an orphan’s and / or widow’s pension can be counted.



In case of Programmed Withdrawal. if the pensioner dies the remaining funds may be inherited from the beneficiary.


In the case of Life Annuity, the beneficiaries acquire a pension from the insured as long as they meet the established criteria.

There will be medical service and access to recreational and sports facilities of the Mexican Institute of Social Security.





-IMSS stress for work risk.

This type of pension protects workers from the risk that their work may have, and provides financial support in case of having an accident or contracting a disease that could be caused by their work.

Also, if the worker dies for any of these reasons, the beneficiaries will be granted one of the following pensions.

Type of pension

Amount of pension

IMSS pension for widowhood

90% Of the disability pension.

Orphan’s pension IMSS

20% of the disability pension.

IMSS Pension for Ascendants

N / A


** Source: IMSS Pensions

-IMSS stress due to illness.

These are granted to workers who, in compliance with their work, developed a disease or pathology that is considered within the Federal Labor Law.

-Permanent IMSS-disability.

In the Social Security law, disability is considered when the insured is in a physical or mental state which prevents him from having a job with remuneration equal to or greater than 50% of the activity he performed during the last year of work, provided that when that impossibility is caused by a non-professional illness or accident.

A legal doctor belonging to the Mexican Social Security Institute is in charge of determining the state of disability of the insured.

The types of disability stipulated in the Social Security Law are:

1. Partial Disability: When the insured is in the possibility of returning to work life

2. Definitive invalidity When the insured has a condition that is extended indefinitely and in such a way that it makes it impossible to return to his work life

-IMSS tension for widowhood.

This is granted to the beneficiaries in case the worker or pensioner dies and according to the Social Security Law will be granted from the death of the worker, regardless of the cause or circumstances of the death.

– IMSS Orphan

In the Social Security Law, the IMSS Orphanage pension will be entitled to receive an orphan’s pension for each of the children under the age of sixteen, when the father or mother dies and any of them would have had the character of insured, and prove they have before the Institute a minimum of one hundred and fifty weekly contributions or having had the status of pensioners due to disability.

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Today, September 16 and until the next day 22, the European Mobility Week is celebrated throughout Europe.

Image result for European Mobility Week

Choose the theme for this year, Change, Combine your mobility, and offers us the possibility of leaving the car parked and choose other means of transport, such as cycling or public transport, more efficient and respectful of the environment.

This initiative emerged in Europe in 1999 and is celebrated every year, from September 16 to 22, carrying out activities to promote sustainable mobility and encouraging the development of good practices. On September 22, the event “The city, without my car!” Was born, the origin of this European initiative, which aims to find new solutions to the problems associated with increased traffic in cities.

The European cities famous for their sustainable mobility and respect for the environment and which serve as a model for developing the mobility plans of other European cities are:



European green capital 2014 and considered one of the most livable cities on the planet.

An investigation carried out by The Economist Intelligence Unit designated it as the most sustainable capital in Europe.

The city was chosen European Green capital in recognition of its urban model, and for being a pioneer city in terms of transport. It aims to become the most comfortable and practical city for cyclists in the world. Its goal is that 50% of its inhabitants go by bike to work or school already in this year 2015 (35% went by bike as early as 2010), and in this way help achieve the ambitious goal of being neutral emissions for 2025.


#Friburgo (Baden-Würtemberg) is a quiet, medium-sized city (215,000 inhabitants) located in the south-west of Germany, next to the forest reserve of the Black Forest.

It has been recognized on several occasions as an example of political coherence and ecological sustainability: the city’s measures to appease traffic , promote cleaner public transport or the use of bicycles began in 1969.

The German city continues to work on the improvement of its public transport networks, lanes that allow the use of the bicycle, advice to citizens who require it



Vitoria has a plan of Sustainable Mobility Plan agreed by all the political groups that was launched in 2008.

Its objectives are:

  • Encourage the use of urban public transport and bicycle.
  • Restructure and strengthen the urban bus network in coordination with the tram.
  • Channel the traffic of private vehicles.
  • Expand pedestrian areas.
  • Release for public use part of the public space intended for traffic (pedestrian islands or superblocks).
  • Build new parking infrastructure.
  • Complete a safe and functional network of bike lanes.

It also participates in the CIVITAS initiative , a European program that helps cities to promote a sustainable, clean and economic urban transport system by implementing and evaluating packages of measures based on ambitious and integrated policies and technologies.

Innovation in the mobility systems of cities to achieve sustainable mobility is not only an improvement of the environment, but also an improvement in the quality of life of the citizens who live there.

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Meet and take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber ​​Monday without suffering your pocket

AEGON - Black-Friday

This week comes two of the major phenomena of global purchasing, Black Friday , this year on November 27, and Cyber ​​Monday , Monday 30. Born in the United States, have spread worldwide and not only that, They have also expanded over time, with offers that start a few days before, especially in the online business.

Where do these concepts that are prevailing in Spain come from?


Black Friday is the day that inaugurates the holiday shopping season in the United States and coincides with the day after Thanksgiving . As this is celebrated in the United States on the fourth Thursday of November, this first day is always a Friday at the end of the month, about four weeks before Christmas. But calling this shopping day ” Black Friday ” does not seem very attractive, although it has an easy explanation. The nickname “Black Friday” was put by the police, specifically the one in Philadelphia, for the amount of cars and people that collapsed the city on that day. As an unplanned custom, taking advantage of the day after Thanksgiving to go shopping, a phenomenon was created that makes use of all kinds of stores offering discounts and significant discounts on a wide variety of products.

As a continuation of this sales phenomenon is the most recent Cyber ​​Monday , in fact, this year celebrates 10 years of life. Although many online stores create special offers for Black Friday, they have a special sales day, and it is this “cyber Monday”, three days after this.

Financial advice: How to make the most of it without causing financial problems

Financial advice: How to make the most of it without causing financial problems

Both concepts are imposed every year with more force in Spain and are advancing the classic moment of beginning of purchases, which traditionally usually occurs between the holidays of December 6 and 8. Their offers, increasingly aggressive, are the main reason for this success, but as with the classic periods of discounts, with risks, which are somewhat higher if we consider that it precedes the period of greatest spending for most of the families

Therefore, following a series of tips will help us on the one hand, to take better advantage of these offers and on the other, so that this does not imply a significant hole in our pocket:

  1. Analyze the offers: Take some time before buying, it’s worth it. Check what the different establishments offer and write down what you are interested in.
  2. Compare prices: Not only between establishments, but also with the theoretical initial price of the product to know if in fact the percentage they advertise is true and worth the purchase.
  3. It establishes a spending limit: Putting a limit on spending, according to our income and the rest of the current and extraordinary expenses that we will have in these holidays, without exceeding it, is strictly necessary to avoid that our family budget is affected.
  4. Prioritize: On the list of offers that you have prepared previously and taking into account the existence of this top-up expense, prioritize and start buying what you need most and leave for the end the most unnecessary or unnecessary.
  5. Check the conditions of the establishment and product: Especially because many of the purchases will not be for us, but will be gifts for Christmas Day or Kings. What happens if I buy a gift on November 27 for January 6 and only have 30 days for the return? Who pays the expenses of reimbursement of the product? Do I get my money back or do I get a voucher? These and many other questions we must ask ourselves analyzing the conditions of purchase before making the purchase to avoid major problems.
  6. Beware of financing purchases: Especially with a credit card, a convenient way to buy but not without risks. If we finance or split the purchase, we must do it in the shortest possible time to incur lower interest expenses. Plan and save for these days with products such as the CuenTAEgon savings insurance allow us to enjoy these holidays and their purchases in incurring more additional expenses.


What if we buy physically? How should we better plan our shopping day?

But in addition to protecting our pocket, we also have to prepare for what a whole shopping marathon entails. Therefore, although having excellent health insurance such as those offered by Aegon is a great guarantee, what better than to prevent any health problem. These tips will help:  

  1. Plan to what stores you will go : Do not do a marathon, choose those that are accessible, that clump together in a certain area and do not try to cover everything, especially when in these days traffic and public transport options are more collapsed.
  1. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes : Walking or not, you will spend a lot of time standing up, trying that the fatigue has the minor consequences.
  1. Abrígate: The cold and the changes of temperature are a maximum these days, you have to minimize the risks with the right clothes.
  1. Rest and eat : Replenishing forces in a marathon shopping day is more than necessary. Do not sacrifice this time to buy more.
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Image result for executive companyIt is obvious that the world we live in changes at vertigo speed. Products and services become obsolete in a record period of time. There does not seem to be anything stable or lasting. The concepts of space and time that they taught us no longer exist.

Like it or not, this model of change affects all sectors of activity.

For the owners and executives of the companies, this model of change generates a deep uneasiness. We have to be aware of the “new world” where we live and be able to anticipate the future needs of society.
We have to reinvent our business every day and be transgressors in our ideas and developments.

The keys to developing our businesses in the new reality are:

Smart R & D + i
Management structures based on leadership and talent models.

Next Monday, November 17th at 12:00 noon, Zaragoza will be presented at the headquarters of CREA “GENERACIÓN COMPETYO” An initiative promoted by CREA, INDICO and UNIVERSA with which GRUPO INBIOTIC-ESMEDAGRO actively collaborates and participates. program of the opening day of the Program-competyo

GENERACIÓN COMPETYO wants to provide us with the keys to the intelligent R + D + i that we need for the development of our businesses in the reality in which we live

GENERACIÓN COMPETYO aims to put in contact the generations of university students between 24 and 45 years old who are the driving force of innovation in the Aragonese companies.

GENERACIÓN COMPETYO is committed to training this highly qualified human potential with the INNOVATION KNOWLEDGE MANAGER IN THE COMPANY course that will provide the keys to know the R & D & I environment and provide the keys for the creation of innovation systems within the companies.

The bet of GENERACIÓN COMPETYO is also the active interrelation between all these generations of scientific-technical personnel.


From our company we actively collaborate with GENERACIÓN COMPETYO and we bet on your SUCCESS.


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